New Oxford, PA

At TriState Barn Builders, no project is beyond our scope. We work with clients to realize their unique visions, creating magnificent structures with only the finest materials. Consider a small sampling of our efforts, below.

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About The Project

A passionate high school basketball coach reached out to TriState Barn Builders with the vision of building a state-of-the-art basketball court using the foundation of an old barn on his property. Having burnt down some 35 years prior, only remnants of the old timber frame barn’s foundation remained. Our client stressed the importance of maintaining the barn’s authenticity and structural integrity on the exterior while building a modern, full-sized, professional-grade basketball court on the inside.

Rebuilding the barn from the foundation up, we used James Hardy siding with a standing seam roof to match its original style. Inside, we built a stunning wood tongue and groove yellow pine surface. The owner proudly installed the hoops into his new practice facility, which is still in use as a basketball court today.